Cruzanvibes - Featuring Steeldrums

I am an enthusiastic Bass player, Solo Steeldrum player and Vocalist; I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, a US Virgin Island, that is why the band is named "Cruzanvibes".  I relocated to SW Florida in the early 80’s and begin assisting my father and his band members as they performed as: "SOUTHWEST FLORIDA STEELDRUM BAND”. 2 Years later my father started a new group called CARIBBEAN STARS; at this point my father taught myself, my 2 brothers and my sister how to play steeldrums. I played a 6 piece Steeldrums Bass at that time; then in 1991 my father had a terrible accident, which landed him in a wheel chair.  In 1993 I picked up an Electric Bass and formed my own Reggae Band called ISLAND SOUND, while my father was in recovery from his accident; after his recovery we then regrouped as: "ISLAND SOUND REGGAE STEELDRUM BAND". In late 2008 I formed my own band called CRUZANVIBES and who was there playing the steeldrums? No one but my father! His love and compassion for steeldrum music is very much alive with him mentally, but physically he had to retire; he played steeldrums for over 60 years and has now passed the torch on to my two younger brothers Harold and Michael who plays steeldrums for CRUZANVIBES today! in 2010 I decided pick up a steeldrum given to me by my brother Harold and started playing, I now enjoy steeldrum and thus; has travelled to the Ozark Lakes in MO, Columbus GA, New York & Jamaica W.I, to perform as a solo steeldrum player!!!  ***Sadly my dad passed away in May 2013*** but he left his legacy behind!

Cruzanvibes band members are diverse and very talented. Each member plays an instrument and most of them are vocalist as well; they range from Reggae to Calypso, Oldies to R&B, Funk to Motown, and much more! Anywhere Cruzanvibes performs; they "wow" the crowds and keep everyone on their feet dancing until the end; they are extremely passionate about their work!
Who are We?

St. Croix USVI

Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago

Born in the US of Bajan (Barbados) & Cuban parents


We are Cruzanvibes!

George AKA Cruzanvibes ~ Founder of Cruzanvibes Band born and raised in St. Croix of Antiguan Parents.

Don ~ Talented Keyboard player and Vocalist - Trinidad & Tobago

Irvin - Guitarist ~ Trinidad & Tobago

Adanita Ross - Vocalist

George the drummer ~ Belize

Taken on our honeymoon in Antigua W.I


Naples Yacht Club.

Naples 5th Avenue

Another happy family!

George in Tipton GA.

Geoge @ Anna's wedding Ft. Lauderdale.

Amanda's wedding Naples FL

Doing what he loves - Music

Naples Yacht Club.

Lorna loves taking pictures; she has a passion for cameras!

Taken @ Devil's Bridge Antigua W.I., she used the automatic feature!

No she is not taller, she has heels and is standing on a step!

St. Kitts - Windy day.

Lorna Antoine is my beautiful wife who was born and raised in Guyana S.A., she has a passion for photography; therefore, she has become the official photographer for Cruzanvibes!

Taken @ Devi's Bridge Antigua W.I

Taken at Sandy Parrot in Fort MyersFL.

New York